Physical Therapy

Our staff of physical therapists work directly with our doctors to help you return to your activities of daily life. Conveniently located in our offices, patients may coordinate pain treatments, massage, and physical therapy.

What is physical therapy?
Physical therapy is the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of movement dysfunctions and the enhancement of the physical health. Therapists help restore movement and function that are threatened by aging, injury, disease or environmental factors. The functional goal is to help patients return to their activities of daily life. This is facilitated by interventions such as thermal modalities, therapeutic exercise, traction, manual therapy and many other treatment options to help improve optimal physical health, and quality of life.

Sports Weight-loss
Licensed physical therapists
Licensed Massage Therapy
Treatments of back pain
Sports Rehabilitation
Functional testing
Vertigo treatments

Aquatherapy Treatment
Wellness Coaching
For novice and professional athletes
Post-surgical patients
Chronic pain
Myofascial Release

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