Godwin Maduka is more than a good doctor. He’s a good businessman as well. He founded the Las Vegas Pain Institute and Medical Center in 1999 and has seen it expand to a total of six locations throughout Southern Nevada. Each facility is a one-stop destination for a wide array of medical services, including primary care, preventative care, urgent care, radiology, lab work, and even surgery. “The product we have benefits everybody, regardless of social class,” says Maduka. “It’s helping people.”

The business growth has been dramatic for the doctor, but his journey began on the other side of the world, in Africa. Maduka was born in Nkerehi (later renamed Umuchukwu), a tiny village in Nigeria. He is now its favorite son, after heavily investing his own fortune to reimagine it from the ground up. His projects include homes, apartments, government buildings, classrooms, churches, police stations, a hospital, a gas station, and perhaps most impressive of all, a 17-story building designed for medical research. Maduka also worked with the government to help bring clean water, electricity, and roads to his people.


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