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Pain Management During The Covid-19 Pandemic

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Throughout the pandemic, the fear of infection as well as restrictions for COVID-19, have caused many individuals to miss routine medical appointments. It may be easiest or safest to delay some appointments or conduct them through telehealth. While in other cases, it might be best to go in for your appointment as early as possible. Understanding both to be true, Las Vegas Pain Institute has taken strides towards improving the health, as well as providing a safe work environment for all our patients and staff. Below are a few things our providers have advised patients to consider prior to their appointment:

  • Determine your COVID-19 risk/comfort Level: Before making a decision about going in for an appointment, the CDC recommends asking yourself a few key questions: Are you at an increased risk of becoming severely ill if you get COVID-19? (The disease can be serious for anyone, but particularly for people who are immunocompromised, have underlying health conditions like diabetes, or are over 65 years old.) How fast is COVID-19 spreading in your community? Could you have close contact with someone who is potentially sick but asymptomatic? Understanding the risk is the first step in maintaining a safe space for all involved.
  • Conducting Appointments through Telehealth: If you are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms, or just unable to come in the office, feel free to ask your provider about our telehealth services. Through telehealth, patients still receive effective healthcare from our providers. Your doctor can also order prescriptions or other tests at a lab in your area without an in-office visit. This way you can eliminate one appointment and reduce your exposure to other people.
  • Maintain ongoing treatment for certain serious conditions: Anyone who has ever maintained treatment to manage their health conditions, knows the process can be overwhelming. From conservative treatment, to routine procedures, these treatments help you maintain a healthier lifestyle. Though, the risk of developing COVID increases with every visit. Understanding this, there is no easy answer. If you’re struggling with this decision, reach out to your provider who can help you develop a plan based on your particular health condition and needs.
  • Covid risk varies depending on Treatment: Understanding some appointments, like a medical procedure, requiring close proximity and prolonged contact with the provider can increase the risk of exposure. While others, like an MRI, are low risk treatment. Medical staff at Las Vegas Pain Institute routinely use personal protective equipment (PPE), enforce social distancing in the office, and screen patients for COVID-19 symptoms prior to their appointments. 
  • Be Prepared: Your risk of catching and spreading COVID-19 depends in large part on how quickly the virus spreads in your area, and how much you as an individual are exposed to it. Keeping this in mind, patients are advised to keep their masks on AT ALL times of their visit. New patients are also advised to go on our website to complete new patient forms to shorten the wait time. Lastly, feel free to call our office ahead of time with any questions are concerns you might have.
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